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LEGO Digitfl Designen

this is very exciting news, hopefully we'll get missing/new printed pieces/mold put into (like for example, last time I checked only one ghostbusters torso is in, overall, good move lego

LEGO Digitfl Designen

Download Zip:

@jh84007 said:"Hmmm, so within 1-2 years, the tech group that runs and maintains and the shopping site will be looking after Stud.Io?I'm sure we're all looking forward to that.............."I don't think that is the plan. Studio is staying on bricklink, which is run by a different team to the lego website.

@ayayop said:"If the officially supported studio could add support of buying parts directly from lego (like creating a cart in pick a brick) that would be good"I hope they don't but then I sell on BL. Studio is not a lego tool, it is a bricklink tool. Bricklink is still a separate company, just owned by lego. They are screwing BL sellers if they start trying to divert sales to lego instead of BL.

LEGO Digital Designer is a free sandbox (legobox?) that gives the player an unlimited supply of pieces to build with. Originally, there was a service that would let users buy their creations in physical LEGO form and have it shipped to their house. Unfortunately, this service has since been discontinued. 350c69d7ab


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