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Parzania In Hindi 720p Download

This is the story of Parzania Pandya, a member of the wealthy Parsi community in Gujarat who is growing increasingly worried about the safety of his only son, Razak, who he fears is being targeted by Hindu zealots in the wake of the Gujarat Riots.

Parzania In Hindi 720p Download

The rest of the narrative focus on the Pandya family trying to reunite with their missing son. Also starring Mithun Chakraborty and Pallavi Joshi, Parzania is a rare examination of the 1990 Kachhi uprisings. The film also stars the brilliant Anupam Kher, who is perfect in the role of a seasoned, tough civil-rights activist.

The film has a fascinating story to it. There are a lot of people working at its making, and it is well coordinated, much more than the average Hindi language film. Once it starts, it never stops till the end.

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Another user tweeted, It's common for filmmakers to shy away from making films on what are usually referred to as political issues. Rarely do you see a mainstream filmmaker taking a political stand, even as a symbol of dissent. That's very few and far between, in Bollywood or elsewhere. But Parzania is not an exception.


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