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Sarvatobhadra Chakra Software Free 14 PORTABLE

Although we have only discussed on the vedha of planets on the vital nakshatras, it is important to note the vedha on various other elements of the sarvatobhadra chakra viz., the akshara, tithi vara etc. Each element governs over various areas of life as used in the judgement of panchanga. In addition to the janma and other vital nakshatra, native's janma tithi, vara, rasi and akshara can also be noted. Benefic and malefic vedha on these elements will have good or bad impacts on different areas of life as mentioned below:

sarvatobhadra chakra software free 14

The dasa and antardasa of the planets involved in inauspicious yoga in the horoscope can cause tremendous suffering, if both of them simultaneously cause vedha to a vital nakshatra in the area related to the nakshatra. One has to judge the result based on functional and natural nature of the planets involved as well as the yoga they form in the natal chart. The adverse yogas give the adverse results during infavourable transits and hence one has to watch out the transiting dasa, antardasa lord not only with respect to normal transits but also from the viewpoint of sarvatobhadra chakra.

The Kundli Chakra package frees users from endless scrolling through pages, squandering precious research time trawling through reports, carrying USB keys or external hard drives, looking for specific charts and graphs while analyzing horoscopes and exploring dasha while clicking "next" ad nauseam. Many features in the software like worksheets, utilities and tools are developed on the back of research into the professional standards of an Astrologer, enabling you to unleash your predictive powers and freeing you up to concentrate more on the analysis of charts for swift, accurate accurate horoscope interpretation, with just a click. The interface and free flowing design of Kundli Chakra has a clear focus on quickly accessible charts and to study in a single pop up screen. Thus a user with little or no specialized IT acumen can easily utilize this software and enjoy a professional service. 350c69d7ab

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