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LogixPro V1.6.1 Allen Bradley PLC Simulator

you need a serial cable to connect your plc to the simulator. if you are not familiar with the serial connection between plc and computer you can google it. the connections are 8 wires. i use a 200 foot one for my plc. if you need one of the spare cables you can get them at

LogixPro v1.6.1 Allen Bradley PLC Simulator

the instructor guide is designed for course use. it includes an overview of the logixpro programming environment (psim) and instruction on how to get started. an overview of the logixpro ladder logic programming language is provided. the instructor guide also includes a review of the logixpro courseware and its features. pre-assigned exercises are provided to help students familiarize with the logixpro environment.

the printed manual has exercises that parallel chapters in the text, with illustrations and step-by-step procedures for users to follow. the bound-in cd-rom provides users a fully functional copy of psim, a student version of the logixpro software, plus a collection of sample simulations and other background information. the manual can be used with either psim or the full version of logixpro.

allen bradley offers as a free download a software package called rslogix micro starter lite which is essentially the same programming environment as rslogix 500. on top of that, they also offer rslogix emulate for free so that you dont even need a plc to run and test your ladder logic. keep reading and ill show you how to get the software and set it up.

you can download the logixpro allen bradley rslogix simulator from the website, there is a free 15 day trial if you want to give it a try. so you can click on logixpro allen bradley rslogix simulator in order to download the free trial. once you download the software and install it, then you click on logixpro software. once you open the program, it tells you how many days left for the free trial. so


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