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FULL Emagic.Logic.Audio.Platinum.v5.3 ((FULL))

Emagic Logic Platinum 5Logic Platinum features extensive audio hardware support including TDM (Mac OS), OMF and OpenTL support, and is capable of 192 tracks of audio playback at up to 24Bit/96kHz rates, in a variety of audio formats. The audio functionality also incorporates a digital mixer with Surround Sound up to 7.1, over 50 high-quality audio effect plug-ins, and fully-automated, sample-accurate mixing facilities. The 32 Bit internal signal path ensures that audio quality remains pristine throughout, and the incorporated high-end POW-r dithering process provides master-quality results. Logic supports a virtually unlimited number of MIDI tracks with timing accuracy to 1/3,840 of a note. A wide range of synchronization options ensures that Logic Platinum connects easily to both the digital and analog worlds. Most importantly for professionals working in music production, film scoring or post production facilities is Logic's renowned stability and reliability along with combination of tools, elegant user interface, flexible working methods and a comprehensive development.

FULL Emagic.Logic.Audio.Platinum.v5.3

Total Recall Mixing and Automation Logic Platinum 5 introduces a refined track-based automation system found in the Arrange window. Automated parameters are displayed with full names and values for fast and optimal control over even the most complex automation situations. Every control movement can be recorded and edited using Read, Write, Latch and Touch modes , allowing realtime automated playback of all volume, pan, effects and instrument parameter movements. Supporting 32 Bit value resolutions, and offering sample-accurate precision, the mix automation is smooth and exact. The graphic creation of various curve shapes, copy/paste and moving of mix automation data (with or without the underlying MIDI or audio data) and scaling is fast and intuitive. Additionally, the adaptive track mixer reflects the track layout of audio and MIDI channels shown in the Arrange window. Multi format Surround mixing of audio channels, busses and instruments, including individual formats for each track, bus or instrument, is supported, even using Digidesign's TDM system. And every setting of the mixer, the effects and the instruments, as well as the complete automation, is saved with the song. The result of automated mix, including all tracks, live inputs, instruments and effects, can be mixed down to a single stereo file or multiple Surround files. This can benefit from the transparent POW-r dithering process, assuring that 24Bit/96kHz recordings retain their true sonic character even at 16Bit/44.1kHz CD resolution.

Plug-In Processing Logic's fully automated effects system offers 8 sends to 16 busses, 8 inserts and 4 EQs per audio track, with inserts and sends also available for audio instruments and live inputs. Insert effects to be used in inputs, tracks, instruments, busses and outputs include VST (Windows and Mac OS) and DirectX plug-ins, as well as over 50 built-in effects. These range from the traditional as dynamics, reverbs and EQs, through to a range of sound sculpting tools such as the Autofilter or Spectral Gate and mastering processors such as the Multiband Compressor and Limiter. The optional EVOC20 provides vocoding and filterbank effects. All plug-ins operate at 32 Bit resolution, making signal overloads virtually impossible, and ensuring audio quality. TDM Support

In addition to the built-in effect system, Digidesign's TDM system for ProTools hardware is completely supported (Mac OS), including Surround. Depending on the configuration, up to 64 audio tracks and 64 busses are available. TDM plug-ins from all major developers can be used and fully automated. I/O inserts even allow the integration of external audio effect processors.

Audio Instruments Up to 32 software-based synthesizers and samplers such as Emagic's optional ES1, ES2, EVP88, EXS24, or VST2 instruments, can be used in Logic's Audio Instrument channels. Three powerful software synthesizers for monophonic, ensemble and polyphonic sounds are now included as standard. Audio Instruments are seamlessly integrated into Logic's mixer, making the entire palette of effects available for creative processing. Playback timing is sample-accurate. The audio output of external software instrument applications, such as Rebirth and Reason, can be streamed into Logic's mixer via ReWire and allows full access to Logic's extensive array of effects and mixing facilities.

The Editor Windows Logic's linked editors provide the power to fine-tune music at any level. View a composition in its entirety or select and make changes to the smallest detail with the Matrix, Event List or Hyper Editors. The fully integrated Stereo Sample Editor offers destructive manipulation of audio recordings, plus many creative DSP tools including time stretching and pitch shifting with formant correction. On the Mac, Audiosuite and Premiere format plug-ins can also be used.

The Environment The Environment is a usefull onscreen "flowchart" of the connected MIDI equipment, providing unparalleled creative options for visually combining software-based processing devices such as faders, arpeggiators, delays and more in almost infinite ways: build remote controls for your MIDI gear, use a Mod Wheel to crossfade between audio tracks or create realtime instruments like step sequencers and rhythm generators. This level of MIDI control is still unmatched in today's music software marketplace.

Built-In Support of Logic Control Logic Control is the hardware controller for Logic. It features full transport controls, a jog/scrub wheel, nine 100mm touch sensitive, high-resolution Penny & Giles motor faders, 8 rotary V-pots[TM], a generous display which shows parameter names and values, various function keys and select/mute/rec/solo buttons per channel. With Logic Control, plug-ins can be called up and edited as easily as Logic's new automation system is controlled. Logic Control offers access to 8 channels simultaneously, and with the optional Logic Control XT you can extend your system with as many eight channel blocks as you need. 350c69d7ab


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