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The Angry Birds Movie in Telugu: A Fun and Colorful Adventure for All Ages

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The Angry Birds Movie (English) telugu movie dvdrip download movies

The film follows Red, a grumpy and cynical bird who has a hard time fitting in with the rest of the happy and flightless birds on Bird Island. He is sentenced to anger management class after he loses his temper at a customer who arrives late for his cake delivery service. There, he meets Chuck, a hyperactive yellow bird who can move very fast, and Bomb, a black bird who explodes when he gets angry or scared. They become friends and try to help each other with their anger issues.

One day, a boat full of green pigs arrives on the island, claiming to be friendly explorers who want to share their inventions and culture with the birds. The pigs are led by Leonard, a charismatic and cunning pig who has a hidden agenda. He and his crew secretly plan to steal all the eggs from the birds while they are distracted by the pigs' parties and gifts.

Red is suspicious of the pigs from the start and tries to warn the other birds, but they ignore him and accuse him of being paranoid and rude. He decides to investigate the pigs' boat with Chuck and Bomb, and discovers that they have a huge stash of eggs inside. He also finds out that the pigs have a map of other islands that they have visited and plundered before.

Red rushes back to the island to alert the others, but he is too late. The pigs have already loaded all the eggs onto their boat and are ready to leave. They reveal their true colors and mock the birds for being naive and trusting. They also detonate some TNT that they have planted around the island, causing massive destruction and chaos.

Red rallies the birds to fight back and rescue their eggs. He leads them to use the giant slingshot that the pigs have left behind as a weapon. He teaches them how to fly by launching themselves with the slingshot. He also recruits Mighty Eagle, a legendary bird who lives on top of a mountain and whom Red idolizes, but who turns out to be lazy and cowardly.

The birds follow the pigs to their home island, Piggy Island, where they engage in a fierce battle with them. They use their unique abilities and skills to destroy the pigs' structures and defenses. They also face Leonard, who has donned a suit of armor and wields a giant hammer.

Red manages to infiltrate Leonard's castle and finds the eggs inside a huge pot that is about to be cooked. He fights Leonard in a final showdown and manages to knock him into the pot, along with some TNT. Red then tries to escape with the eggs, but he realizes that he can't carry them all by himself. He decides to sacrifice himself and stay behind with the eggs while Chuck and Bomb escape.

However, Mighty Eagle arrives at the last moment and saves Red and the eggs from the explosion. He apologizes for his cowardice and praises Red for his bravery and leadership. He also reveals that he has been watching over the birds all along, but he wanted them to learn how to stand up for themselves.

The birds return to Bird Island with their eggs and celebrate their victory. They rebuild their homes and welcome Red as their hero. Red becomes happier and more accepted by his fellow birds. He also develops a romantic interest in Silver, Chuck's sister who is an engineering student. He invites her to live with him in his new house, which is rebuilt by Mighty Eagle as a gift.

The film ends with a scene where some of the surviving pigs are stranded on a small island with Leonard's crown. They find an egg that has survived the explosion and hatch it into a cute piglet. However, they are then attacked by three blue birds who have followed them from Bird Island.

The Angry Birds Movie is a fun and colorful film that brings the popular game to life. It has a simple but engaging plot, a hilarious and talented voice cast, and impressive animation and sound effects. It is a film that can appeal to both children and adults, as it has plenty of humor, action, and heart. If you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh and cheer, you should definitely watch The Angry Birds Movie (English) Telugu DVDRip movies online or download them for free. You will not regret it! b99f773239


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