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Helen Skelton Topless ~UPD~

Some fans have taken to social media to defend Helen, with one slamming reaction to the footage as sexist, tweeting:"#HelenSkelton sunbathe topless... So what? Is it a crime to have a pair of breasts? #everydaysexism."

Helen Skelton Topless

Helen Skelton went completely topless for a photo shoot, and the results are just spectacular. She made no attempt to cover up her perfect tits and just let them hang out naturally to show off just how pert they are. She let her figure speak for itself, which it did very well, although she did cover up her lower bits.

This porn picture gallery British olympics presenter Helen Skelton topless 2001 was found on at Aug 14 2016. It contains 9 pics and has been watched 200 times in total and 191 times today.

The sexy blonde TV reporter of the Olympic Games at Rio: Helen Skelton looks quite amazing. She definitely got sex appeal.While you were watching the Olympic Games on TV, have you ever wondered how she would look without the dress?Freakin' HOT, I can tell you!Turns out this older video of Miss Skelton got leaked online where she can be seen sunbathing topless at the beach. The video might be a few years old, but damn... She has some of the best boobs I've ever seen. Amazing pair of busty melons!And yes, we've found the full video online and can be watched for free at! Click Here To Watch All Celebrity Sex Tapes! Click Here To Watch All Celebrity Sex Tapes! Share this page:

After my post about the Olympic Big Boobs I noticed a name came up on many search results. That name was: Helen Skelton. It happens that this gorgeous blonde is an Olympics presenter from the UK whose sunbathing topless video leaked online.


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