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Fate of the World: A Global Strategy Game for PC

Fate of the World: A Global Strategy Game for PC

Fate of the World is a dramatic global strategy game that puts all our futures in your hands. The game features a dramatic set of scenarios based on the latest science covering the next two centuries. You must manage a balancing act of protecting the Earthâs resources and climate versus the needs of an ever-growing world population, who are demanding ever more food, power, and living space. Will you help the whole planet or will you be an agent of destruction?

Fate of the World Free Download [PC]

Fate of the World is a game that lets you explore the complex issues that face our planet today and tomorrow. You can play as many different characters and scenarios, each with their own objectives, challenges, and consequences. The game is based on a scientific model developed by Dr Myles Allen of Oxford University, and features over 100 major policies, more than 1,000 impacts, 50 signature animal species to save, 40 specific future technologies to develop, and 6 'tipping points' that could change the course of history.

Fate of the World is available for download on Steam[^1^] for $9.99. You can also get the Tipping Point edition, which includes all the DLCs and extras for $18.99[^1^]. If you want to try a free version of the game, you can check out Fate of World: Remastered Edition[^2^], which is a fan-made mod that adds new features and improvements to the original game. You can download it from YouTube[^2^] or Sway[^3^]. However, be aware that this mod may not be compatible with the official game or Steam achievements.

If you are interested in global issues, strategy games, or just want to see how your choices affect the world, Fate of the World is a game worth playing. It will challenge you to think critically, creatively, and ethically about the fate of our planet and humanity.Here are some more details about Fate of the World and its gameplay:

  • The game has four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Impossible. Each level affects the starting conditions, the available policies, the costs and effects of actions, and the likelihood of disasters and events.

  • The game has 12 regions that you can control or influence: China, Europe, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Northern Africa, Oceania, Russia, South Asia, and Southern Africa. Each region has its own population, economy, resources, emissions, temperature, and happiness.

  • The game has 10 scenarios that you can play, each with a different theme and objective. For example, in Oil Crash you have to deal with a sudden decline in oil production and its consequences; in Rise of Africa you have to help Africa become a global power; and in Dr Apocalypse you have to unleash a deadly virus on the world.

  • The game has a 3D Earth globe that shows the climate related changes and impacts on the planet. You can also see the Earth 'telemetry', which graphs the past and future changes in temperature, sea level, population, emissions, and biodiversity. You can also overlay different maps that show local temperature change, devastation, and population.

  • The game has a policy screen where you can choose from over 100 major policies to implement in each region. These policies range from geoengineering, technological research, international aid, diplomacy, economics, emergency defences, species protection, forestry, health, energy choices, population, politics, and clandestine operations. Each policy has a cost, a benefit, a risk, and an impact on various factors.

  • The game has an event screen where you can see the results of your actions and the random events that occur in the world. These events can be positive or negative, and can affect your regions or the whole planet. Some events are triggered by your policies or by reaching certain thresholds or 'tipping points'. For example, if you use too much geoengineering you may trigger a volcanic eruption; if you neglect biodiversity you may cause a mass extinction; or if you anger a region you may start a war.

Fate of the World is a game that will make you think about the consequences of your actions and the trade-offs between short-term and long-term goals. It is a game that will make you feel proud or guilty about your decisions and their outcomes. It is a game that will make you wonder what kind of world you want to leave for future generations. e0e6b7cb5c

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