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Eltima Software Virtual Serial Port Driver HOT!

Our team is constantly working on new ideas to keep VSPD on the top of virtual serial port market. This version brings full support for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. More than that, the software is digitally signed with WHQL for enhanced performance and stability.

Eltima Software Virtual Serial Port Driver


If you are looking into Virtual Serial Port Driver for the first time, this is the software that creates virtual serial port pairs connected with a null-modem cable. If you need to test or debug various applications or serial port device emulators (fax, GPS, etc.) then VSPD is your perfect solution. Read how others use our product here.

Virtual Serial Port Driver is a simple application that allows you to create virtual COM port pairs. Virtual serial ports created in Virtual Serial Port Driver behave as if they were real ports, so applications can communicate with each other and transfer data via virtual null-modem cable. Virtual serial ports created in Virtual Serial Port Driver also support all serial port settings, strict baud-rate emulation, HandFlow control and signal lines.

Virtual Serial Port Driver has a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly create serial ports with any name you need (you are not limited to COMx names). Overall, the application provides you with lots of ways of personalizing serial ports and you can control them directly from your own application using the vspdctl.dll. It ensures a reliable data transmission speed and enables you to test or debug any software or application you need in order to locate any bugs in your code.

A virtual COM port or a virtual serial port is an ideal solution when a legacy software application expects a connection to a serial device port (COM port or COMM port) but cannot connect, due to a physical lack of available serial ports. Instead, we reconfigure the computer to send serial port data over a local area network or the Internet as if over a true serial port. When the legacy application attempts to send data to a serial COM port, it is actually transmitted through the virtual serial port over a TCP/IP connection. Information sent back to the legacy application also travels over the network where it is received by the virtual serial or virtual COM port, and is then finally passed to your legacy application.

Important Note: This tutorial deals exclusively with a virtual COM port implementation that is used with NetBurner devices. If you are looking for a native software solution to create virtual COM ports for use with other systems or hardware, we suggest the Virtual Serial Port over Ethernet Connector or the Virtual Serial Port Driver from our partners at Eltima Software. They are both incredibly stable and versatile utilities that support various Windows versions, up to the latest Windows 10.

Congratulations! You have now set up and tested your virtual COM port. We hope that you can see how this example can be expanded upon to incorporate your own legacy serial comm applications to work with newer computers that either have too few DB9 RS-232-style ports or none at all.

Permission is hereby granted to purchasers of NetBurner System-on-Modules and serial-to-Ethernet modules (NetBurner Devices) to use this program to create a virtual serial communications port on a Windows computer so long as the sole purpose is to connect to the NetBurner Device. No other rights to use this program or its derivatives in part or in whole are granted.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It looks like the link for the Virtual COM port software was not pointing to the right file. Please feel free to try the download again and let us know if you run into any additional issues.

Is it possible to set up a solution where, from a single computer, I can access multiple Cisco switch console ports over ethernet (USB console/serial ports with USB-A sockets on the switches) . i.e. some kind of command center with multiple switches defined and the ability to click between them effortlessly and bring up their unique console windows, have multiple sessions open at once etc. I understand I would probably need some kind of ethernet to USB-A serial hardware on each switch.

HiCan I send data from one computer to other computer through internet cable which is in a same lan. If so, How to transfer data from one Virtual serial port to other port. Please provide step by step process.Regards,Vino

The process described in the article (and the software we provide) is really only applicable for individuals using our serial to Ethernet devices. You can connect two virtual serial ports together as you described across a LAN, but will need more general software to do so. You can find this from Eltima. You will need one virtual serial port to be set up as the server, and the other as the client. The client will then initiate the connection to the server, and at that point, you will be able to start sending data across the virtual serial ports. Good luck!

Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver 6.0 enables you to create any number of pure virtual serial ports in your system connected into pairs via virtual null-modem cable without using any real serial ports. Virtual Serial Ports appear to operating system or any Windows application as "standard" hardware serial ports. This is helpful for serial software and GPS software developers, telecommunication and data transmission specialists.... View more info

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Hello programmers Community,I have some problems dealing with pyserial in Python 3.4first I do not have serial ports so I have used "Virtual Serial Port Driver 7.2 by Eltima Software" to create virtual serial ports in pairs, which means that I can try to send and receive data from these ports, in my case I just create COM1 connected to COM2, then I installed Hercules SETUP utility by HW group to monitor these serial ports,

I have been using HW Group's single virtual serial port software. It works well but only creates 1 vert serial port; they do have software that creates up to 255 vert serial ports, but you have to purchase their hardware for that software. I also tried com0com, but never was able to get it running on my Windows 10 machine. Thanks for your input.

Yes, it is a lot to pay but it "just works" for me and has for years. I've used it for some heavy duty serial port applications (i.e. airborne meter reading). I tried a few freeware alternatives and got tired of the driver signature hassles or intermittent function.

com0com only create serial port pairs. You need another software to tunnel them over TCP/IP. The only free I've found is from commfront a hardware manufacturer who does not mind sharing the software for personal use.

Thank you for the input. I have been looking at Free Virtual Serial Ports. It looks like a simple direct virtual serial creator but it is not free. It has a 14 day trial after which you have to pay $70.00. I was hoping that someone has used it already and could lend some feedback. I'm still a little ways off from needing multi virtual serial ports, maybe some more input will come along.

I have used HW VSP single port software to make a connection between my scope and nearly all Planetarium programs that are ASCOM compliant under Windows 10. I'm using a Serial, WiFi adapter from US Converters but I have used a Bluetooth adapter in the past; both worked fine with HW VSP. I found the HW VSP to be plug and play, just being sure that the basics are set, comm port, connection speed etc.. I have never used the SkyFi adapter so I do not know if it plays well with HW VSP or ASCOM for that matter. I have read, over in the scope specific forum, that many users had problems with the SkyFi adapter in various setups.

I will have to fiddle with this bluetooth device and see if I can get it working with the HW VSP virtual port software to control my 114gt scope via a desktop planetarium program like Starry Night. And if I can get it to control my Celestron that way then the same set up should also be able to control my Meade LX200 I would think. 076b4e4f54


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