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zzz aaa
Jun 21, 2022
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Many classmates complained: I do a little bit of the east, and a little bit of the west, but I haven't seen a complete data analysis system. In fact, as Whatsapp Database early as 10 years ago, many large banks have established a complete data analysis system, but because of the particularity of the industry, outsiders do not know much. Whatsapp Database Today, I will introduce it to you in detail. 1. The starting point of construction Meeting business needs is the starting point for building a data analysis system, as well as the ultimate goal and highest requirement. It should be noted that there is no Whatsapp Database uniform standard for "business requirements". Different departments and people with different identities have different needs. From a broad perspective, it can be divided into three levels: Strategic level: senior Whatsapp Database management who can determine the overall direction of the company Tactical level: The management who decides the job of a specific function (sales, operations, product, after-sales...) Combat level: Front-line departments with no decision-making power, only execution power (salesperson/customer service/auditor/warehouse keeper...) . These three types of people have Whatsapp Database completely different data types, data timeliness, and data application directions. Therefore, the requirements need to be met separately (as shown in the figure below). What does a complete data analysis system look like? 2. Data analysis for strategy In the whole system, business analysis directly serves Whatsapp Database strategic-level decision-making. When the top management makes decisions, they focus more on macro issues, such as the achievement of overall goals, changes in the external environment, and the effects of internal initiatives. Instead of getting bogged down in trivial business details.
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zzz aaa

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