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The version of your Web browser may be out of date. As the evaluation progresses, you will be asked to answer some questions about your current environment. Ncddictanyn100v15 Download: . In the Open dialog box, you can search for specific content by using the Search box, or by selecting from a list of pre-defined terms. In the Help drop down list, you can click on the topic you wish to visit. NCIPM100v15 Download: . For example, if you are interested in understanding changes in the views of people on how to improve the quality of life, you might want to focus on helping the elderly and those with disabilities who are most in need. To do this, you can choose to focus on one or more of the topics listed in the tree. For example, people have reported using a variety of techniques and topics to help the elderly and those with disabilities, so the topics in the tree reflect the wide range of techniques and topics used to help. Nessicahd100v15 Download: . As you can see, the Help tree provides a convenient way to explore some of the most common topics and techniques used by people in the group. Nessicahd100v15 Download: . You can also customize the help system. To do this, open the Tools menu and select Options. Then select the Choose the appearance of the help tree from the group from drop-down list, and choose the style of the tree you want to use from the menu. Nessicahd100v15 Download: . Select the Help tree to display a Help page, that contains more detailed information about a topic. Choose Help, and then a topic from the list of topics. Note: If you select a topic, a group-based Help page opens with a help topic for that topic. You can also start typing a topic in the Search box. The Help page opens and displays a list of the topics that match your search. Click the topic name to go directly to that topic, or click any of the subheadings to navigate to the topics under that heading. In addition to Help, you can find the following more detailed help resources in the menu: Accessibility and Navigation. Contains information about accessibility and navigation options. Search. Contains information about searching the site. Search Help. Contains information about searching and finding Help topics. To




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